P N Burrows

P N Burrows


Short Bio:

Born in England and raised in Wales, I started my working life on a farm in the glorious rural Welsh countryside.  I retrained to become an IT Consultant and having spent thousands on Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco qualifications; I also obtained a contract to run and teach at a Cisco Academy in England.  After this, I became a small business IT Advisor for WCBC and the Welsh Government.  As this funding dried up, I retrained as a Business Advisor and have since helped thousands of people start up their own businesses.


Mineran Influence
(Mineran Series)


Genre: Sci-Fi

Link:  Amazon

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What was your incentive to start writing?

I have had the urge to write this series of books for a long time. I had made two previous attempts before giving up with the manuscript only half complete. On the third occasion, I received such enthusiastic support from my partner as she read the early pages that I continued.

What reactions do you get from family and friends about your writing?

I have received fantastic support from my family and friends, the genuine enthusiasm has bolstered my spirits on many occasions.

What challenges do you experience when you write?

Time constraints are the only challenges, I write in the mornings when I can.

What is your genre preference and why?

I read mostly thrillers, Cussler, Child, Koontz. I stopped reading Sci-Fi once I picked up my pen to create my own universe.

Self-publish or traditional – which do you prefer and why?

I chose Self-Publishing, I am part of an organisation called Team Author UK who assists Self-Publishers. Being a techie, I can perform most of the chores required by Createspace and so the royalties are all mine. Of course, I dream of being picked up by one of the big publishing houses.

What advice on writing would you offer to other authors?

Join a book group or society, your local library will have the details. Writing can be a lonely past time and it is nice to have someone to talk to as you go through the process of publishing.

Future plans on writing.

I am writing book three of a five part series, I have plans for another series and spin-off novels set in the same universe.


Website address:  https://pnburrows.com

Twitter Page: www.twitter.com/pnburrows

FaceBook Page: www.facebook.com/pnburrows

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