Maurice Neill

Maurice Neill


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Maurice Neill was born in Belfast in 1959 and was educated at Belfast High School. He has a Masters degree in Irish Studies from The Queen’s University of Belfast and a teaching qualification from the University of Ulster but has been a journalist for most of his career working for a range of news organisations including The Belfast Telegraph and Reuters News Agency.

He is a principal examiner for GCSE journalism in Northern Ireland and a committee member of the Belfast branch of the National Union of Journalists. In 1999 he received a commendation in the business section of the Northern Ireland Press and Broadcast Awards and in 1997 a special commendation in the Irish section of the European Journalism Awards.

He is semi-retired but continues to work for his local newspaper and The County Down Spectator. His writing draws upon his Ulster Scots background and a lifetime of reporting a wide variety of events in Ireland and Scotland. He lives in Bangor Co Down with wife Clare.

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