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One of the most frequent questions put to me by readers is about age, and the viability of writing so late in life. My answer was to write: ‘How I Wrote My First Book’. It includes the chapter, ‘It’s Never Too Late’, a few short stories on how some authors took that advice seriously. Here is one of them:

Lorna Page

There are some people, whenever I read about them, make me smile. Lorna Page is one such person. At the age of 93 she published her first novel ‘A Dangerous Weakness’, and with the proceeds of the sales bought a spacious house in Devon to accommodate several of her old friends, then living in care homes. She was upset by their quality of life and was determined to help them through her own good fortune.

Lorna had begun the book a few years earlier, in her eighties, writing longhand, and with her daughter, Wendy, typing and saving it. But when Wendy died from cancer the manuscript was set aside and soon forgotten.

A few years later, her son Robin, a widower and living in America, had met Cate Buckle, who had also lost a partner. Around this time they flew to England to visit his mother, now feeling a little frail, to help with sorting out the small flat Lorna occupied in Surrey. During the sorting, Cate discovered the manuscript in a wardrobe, and after asking Lorna what it was about, sat down to read it.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the story, Cate was convinced that the story should be published. She persuaded Lorna to send it to a self-publishing company, and in due course, it was published. Her success encouraged her to publish another book, a collection of short stories entitled ‘Ebb and Flow’.

I hope Lorna’s efforts will help to dispel the myth of being ‘too old to write a book’!


The eBook: How I Wrote My First Book is available on Amazon

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