London Book Fair

I love to travel and I was fortunate that the past three months gave me the opportunity to satisfy my wanderlust. With a family trip to Granada in Spain for the Christmas and New Year festivities, followed by a visit to London for the Book Fair at Olympia, and very recently a few days in the beautiful countryside of Wicklow in the south of Ireland, I had little to complain about.

However, it wasn’t only pleasure I was seeking, for the trip to the London Book Fair would, in my eyes, be the most important journey of all.

I had finished the third book of The Timecrack Adventures and had arranged a meeting with the president of one of the biggest self-publishing companies in America, with a view to expanding my marketing efforts over there.

There was another publisher from my own part of Ireland who is helping me launch a new eBook in the coming months, so both projects are now well under way.

I feel my time at the Olympia exhibition centre was well spent and I came away with a heightened sense of optimism that I had achieved my objectives.

From the information given out at the LBF, I learned that over 60 countries exhibit on a regular basis. 25,000 professionals attend to the tens of thousands of visitors who will pass through Olympia’s doors over the three days of the exhibition to discuss books, printed and digital. It was little wonder an executive director on one of the stands said to me: ‘Somewhere in this hall is the next bestseller – maybe it will be you.’

Maybe, maybe not, but I’m ready to put pen to paper again. And as a writer, you can’t ask for much more than that.


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