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The regeneration of an old book

One of the many aspects of the self-publishing business that I enjoy, is the latest news arriving on my desk about new authors and their books, and the advances that are taking place within the industry.

One of the news items I received recently from my publisher, which caught my interest, was an article entitled ‘Destructive Book Scanning’. What was this all about? I wondered.

As I read on, I was much intrigued by how an old out of print book could be recreated, with no original manuscript or other relevant material to work with, only the old book itself, could be turned into a new book.

The reason it’s called ‘Destructive Book Scanning’, is that the original book will be destroyed during the process. The pages are removed from the binding and scanned to create a high-resolution PDF file which can be used to republish a high-quality new book. Hence the term: destructive.

That’s the bad news, if you want to hold on to the original copy of your old book. However, the good news is that it’s a small sacrifice, when you consider that you have brought an old book to life. And if you are an author, with the publishing rights, then it’s a book you can put back into the marketplace.

If you have an old book and this is something you might want to consider, just go to and ask for the Book Scanning Service for more information.


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