Independent Self-Publishing 2

There are new authors who think that the only route to publication is the traditional one. For a long time, it was accepted – and still is in many cases – that the only way to achieve any sort of literary success, involves treading a long, frustrating road, in the hope of finding an agent, and in turn, a publisher. Unfortunately, for most hopefuls, their efforts only lead to a growing collection of polite rejection slips.

However, there is another route the author might consider.

Through advancing technology, the internet and print on demand, self-publishing is now an established and growing market opportunity. One that new indie authors soon appreciate, when they discover the advantages over traditional publishing.

For example:

* The freedom to control every aspect of your publishing career. Not only are you an author, but also the owner of your own business.

* This means you have total control of all aspects of the business, including editing, cover design and marketing.

* Instead of your book taking two or more years to reach the bookshelves, it’s usually a case of several months with self-publishing.

* You will have to invest in your business, but eBook and print royalties are much greater.

However, a word of warning here. There are rogue operators out there – as you will find in any business field – ready to pounce on the unwary novice. As I found to my own cost during my early days as a writer. So, as always, do your due diligence when considering any offers. My own self-publishing recommendation can be found on the Home page.

To be fair, there is always the traditional route to publishing to consider.

If you do find an agent with good connections to top-rated publishers, who will take over the burden of establishing you as an author, despite the advantages of self-publishing mentioned, then it may be the best option. Especially, if you don’t fancy the workload needed to succeed as an indie author.

It should be noted, though, there is always the possibility of being like Andy Weir and The Martian, or James Oswald and his Inspector McLean crime novels, who were both spotted through self-publishing, before signing up with traditional publishers.

Whichever route you take, I wish you every success.


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