Guest Author Questionnaire





Welcome to my website. I have included this page for the benefit of authors whose answers to the suggested questions below will be of interest to our readers, especially in the author’s particular genre.

Please send your information to:  All questions are, of course, entirely optional.

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Author Name:


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Q.1 What was your incentive to start writing?

Q.2 What, and who, influences what you to write?

Q.3 What reactions do you get from family and friends about your writing?

Q.4 What challenges do you experience when you write?

Q.5 What is your genre preference and why?

Q.6 Self-publish or traditional – which do you prefer and why?

Q.7 What advice on writing would you offer to other authors?

Q.8 Future plans on writing. 


If you have other information on writing please feel free to add it to the above, along with relevant photos (re your books, interviews etc.)

Thank you for taking part in this interview.

N.B. Placement on this website is purely discretionary, once the interview is approved.