Friendly Support

Writing a book can be a very solitary affair, but on the other hand it offers writers the opportunity to meet and make new friends.
It’s one aspect I enjoy when researching material for one of my books, and it is very rewarding when the people I speak to take time out from their busy schedules to try and answer some of the many questions buzzing around in my head.
This was particularly true a few weeks ago when I visited Donegal to collect some information for the next Timecrack story. So I would like to mention a few names here by way of appreciation for their invaluable support.
Peadar Molloy of the Donegal County Library in Letterkenny for his painstaking efforts in sourcing 19th century survey maps and books relating to my enquiries.
David Faughnan the Head Honcho (his description!) of Universal Books in Letterkenny for the frequent cups of tea, which are also on offer to visitors exploring the shelves of his bookstore. He has a wide range of books, DVDs and other material on display, and, apparently, has a very active and popular Facebook page.
Brendan Rohan is the proprietor of the Corcreggan Mill Hostel complex outside Dunfanaghy. A fascinating, erudite, and very entertaining man with a wealth of tales to tell about Irish history and its people. He also has one or two tales to tell about adventures at sea on his yacht.
Jo Quinn the senior librarian of the Holywood Library in County Down. Although, not directly connected with Donegal, Jo has been very supportive of my efforts in sourcing material for the same book.
My sincere thanks to all of them.