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I’m William Long, author of several books, including The Timecrack Adventures series. Many of my friends and readers also know me as Bill, the guy who loves books, always writing and travelling, researching ideas for the next book.

At the suggestion put to me by family and friends, I’m currently working on a memoir that will include a journey I made a few years ago from Northern Ireland to Canada and the USA. Quite a lot happened during that period of my life and it may well stretch to two books! Also in the pipeline is an idea for the fourth Timecrack Adventure.

I’m delighted to report that the Linen Hall Library, founded in 1788, renowned for its world famous collection of works on Irish history and heritage, is now up and running on the Homepage. For readers interested in the subject, as well as the entertaining Irish articles from the journalist Maurice Neill, there is now even more to explore on the website. See

Please note that with the increasing number of messages arriving virtually every day, I may not be able to respond personally to everyone who writes to me, so I apologise for that. But please do enjoy your visit here and keep an eye on the blogs for updates.

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