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William Long

William Long is a retired businessman based in N. Ireland. A long and varied career in sales and marketing, running a business designing and promoting branded goods for high profile clients such as Coca Cola and Glasgow Rangers. One of his creations was the internationally famous Five Nations Rugby Championship tie, which is now regarded as a collector’s item.

It was during the late1960s when he emigrated to Canada. After working long hours and double shifts in the electrolysis department for Union Carbide in Toronto, he left to explore the rest of Canada. He contracted to deliver a Volkswagen Beetle to a client in Vancouver, driving alone 3,500 miles to British Columbia. He spent several weeks working in the Hotel Vancouver, before joining two friends to see more of the country and the USA.

Engaged as the driver, he and his friends drove 2,500 miles across the southern states, from Los Angeles to Florida, to deliver a Toyota Landcruiser packed with equipment, for the movie producer, George Englund. He was about to shoot the film of Wilbur Smith’s book ‘Dark of the Sun’ in Jamaica and needed the vehicle delivered to Miami Port. After delivering the vehicle, William was offered a part as an extra in the film, but decided to join one of his friends in Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, who had a job lined up in one of the hotels. A short spell, mostly spent exploring the islands and the beaches, it was time to return to Toronto, to prepare for his return to N. Ireland.

It was a two-year adventure he sees as a future writing project,

He continued his travels, exploring an interest in ancient cultures, including the Yucatan in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Spain, Italy, and nearer home, Newgrange in Ireland. Added to his other interests in aviation, the cosmos and space exploration, along with the possibility of other dimensions and new worlds, an idea was born.

He created the idea for a series: ‘The Timecrack Adventures’. The books, also available as eBooks, 1. Timecrack 2. Copanatec 3. Varakite can be found at BookBaby

His blogs on other subjects can be seen on the website.