An Unexpected Diagnosis

An Unexpected Diagnosis is the title and lead story of the author’s personal encounter with cancer. Although faced with a life-changing situation, he tells it with some humour and an appreciation of how important it is to deal with this deadly disease in the early days of diagnosis.

Ebook only.

‘This new collection of Irish short stories will invoke a wide range of emotions in the reader. Some are hilarious, others quite unnerving and thought-provoking.’ Jill Todd Editor GJT Services

Stories in the collection include:

The sad but very funny story ‘Charlie Died Yesterday’ describes a day when a couple break up and Paul loses his dog in a tragic accident.

‘The Curse’ tells of a man doomed to live forever. When he arrives in Belfast during ‘The Troubles’ he shares his fate with another…

A modern fairy tale ‘The Old Woman’s Promise’ where nothing is as it seems, when a man seeks a cure for his affliction.

As the stories unfold in this captivating collection of Irish short stories the reader is presented with twists and turns in every tale, each one leading to an unexpected end.

Praise from members of the medical staff led to it being included with the other fictional stories in this engaging collection.


…I feel you have shown just how one feels when confronted with a serious illness …

Dr O Hunter

‘Bill’s perspective on a cancer diagnosis is truly insightful … a detailed account of emotions and events at a truly vulnerable time …’

Brian Duggan FRCS

‘… a fascinating read from the patient’s point of view.’

Dr R Clements

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