A Journey Along the Wild Atlantic Way

One of the world’s greatest coastal drives is Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. It stretches 1,500 miles from the north’s Malin Head in County Donegal to the beautiful coastal town of Kinsale in County Cork in the south, and hosts some of the most exciting scenery on the planet.

It has been too long since my last visit to the west coast, but I well remember the spectacular Cliffs of Moher and the many archaeological sites to be found in this part of Ireland. The standing stones, ring forts, stone circles and ancient tombs, that represent thousands of years of fascinating prehistoric history, make the journey worthwhile for those of you are curious about ancient cultures.

But there is much more to explore along the coast, with small towns inviting you to stop and try some of the finest seafood you can ever hope to find. Along with the typical Irish hospitality and traditional music on offer in the many pubs, you will also enjoy the craic – local gossip and fun-packed news – from the locals.

This part of the west coast is home to the remote Gaeltacht region where many of its people usually speak the old Irish tongue, but never fear, as they will always say: ‘tá céad fáilte romhat’ – ‘You are very welcome’.

It’s a long drive, but what you discover on the Wild Atlantic Way will last long in the memory.

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