10 Tips On How I Wrote My First Book

Here are the 10 Tips that have already encouraged a number of aspiring writers to put pen to paper. Perhaps they will help you do the same.

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10 Tips … is not a course on how to write a book. There are plenty of excellent books out there that do just that, but during the course of writing and publishing his own books, the author was asked on numerous occasions how he managed to achieve his long-felt desire to become a writer. It soon became obvious to him there were budding writers who might benefit from what he had learned on the road to publication. Not only the benefits, but the pitfalls he encountered along the way. So here they are, the 10 Tips that have already encouraged a number of aspiring writers to put pen to paper. Perhaps they will help you do the same.


‘Once I started to read ’10 Tips’ I could not put it down until I had finished reading it. I especially enjoyed reading the short story ‘The Boy On The Bus’ – the twist at the end was a brilliant touch. A great deal of ground is covered in your book with plenty of warnings and encouragements to keep the budding writer going. I’ll keep you updated on my own progress.’

R. Bagwell Retired

‘I found How I Wrote My First Book clear, concise and readable. As a ‘How To’ book it seems to touch all bases. Obviously you need to enthuse and excite potential writers with possibilities, and in the main you do that. I think interweaving your own experience into the writing and publishing paradigm works well, demonstrating the difficulties and possibilities a budding writer can expect to face. Your own research overlaps well and you use sign posts to good effect in directing the reader around the treacherous waters of writing and publishing.’

J. Parry Poet

‘Everyone has a story to tell and the vast majority can write, but good writing is a craft that has to be learned appreciated and practised if it is to be effective. William Long’s guidance is sound and practical advice for aspiring writers but more importantly it helps build confidence and perseverance – the two qualities needed most when you first pick up the pen or tap on the keyboard.’

Maurice Neill – Editor Ailsa Press Agency

‘Very useful advice and sources that will help first time authors stay on the right track to publication.’

R. L. London

‘Read your review and took a lot from it myself. From a professional point of view your guide was very clear and easily read. I’m swamped by words every day so it’s very easy to lose sight of how beautiful and fulfilling it can be to simply write. As you correctly identified we all have a story in us, but life has a habit of getting in the way of writing. I will certainly keep it handy as I’ve had the germ of a story planted in my brain for a few years. I get angry at myself that I haven’t done anything about it but hopefully I can get it out there someday soon. What I would like to say to your readers: “The bravest thing a writer can do is stare down at a blank page and simply begin. Here in his How I Wrote My First Book … William Long has crafted a rough guide for all those timid authors with a story to tell. “His collection of musings and experiences is a clear-eyed look at the practicalities of getting published. “William, a proud cancer survivor and concise chaperon for virgin writers, has found that wrapped up in the existential battle of who we are and where we are going is a love of creativity.’

M McCullough Daily Mirror

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