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William Long

Northern Irish author and researcher.


I’m William Long, author of several books, including the Timecrack Adventures series. Friends know me as Bill, the guy who loves books, always writing and travelling, researching ideas for the next book.

At the suggestion put to me by some family members and a few readers, I’ve started to work on a memoir, possibly for publication in 2024. More details on this project can be seen in the Bio. Also in the pipeline is an idea for the fourth Timecrack Adventure.

Thanks for taking a look here, your support means a lot. 



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Karl Marlantes

I have written about persistence before, especially for writers trying to publish a book. Here is another example from my 10 Tips book that tells of the struggle of an author who never gave up. He was a highly decorated U. S. Marine Corps officer and Vietnam veteran,...

Lorna Page Story

One of the most frequent questions put to me by readers is about age, and the viability of writing so late in life. My answer was to write: 'How I Wrote My First Book'. It includes the chapter, 'It's Never Too Late', a few short stories on how some authors took that...

Making Money with Self-Publishing

I have written on this subject before, but with so many budding authors looking for more information, here are some of the latest arguments for choosing self-publishing over traditional. Most importantly, perhaps, it should be noted that traditional authors are likely...

Writing books for a living is a tough sale.

 The old article reproduced below is one I wrote a couple of years ago. But I feel it is worth repeating simply because so many aspiring authors continue to ask me about self-publishing. A traditional publisher can receive up to 5,000 unrequested submissions a year,...

Ireland’s Eye

Too long a sacrifice – Ireland and the Holy Land

DRIVE through the peace walls of north and west and Belfast and you will be struck by the number of Palestinian and Israeli flags. The tragedy unfolding in the Middle-East has divided opinion around the world and deepened disagreement in Ireland. Unionists and...

Ulster’s great, green monster

IT is the largest body of fresh water in Britain and Ireland covering 151 square miles in the heart of Ulster. Together with the River Bann, which flows in from the south and out from the north, it is a dividing line in Northern Ireland. To the east politics is...

Policing plunged into turmoil

IRISH policing is in turmoil. Simon Byrne, chief constable of the Police Service of Northern, has apologised but refused to resign after an unprecedented security breach which saw the personal details of 10,000 serving officers and civilian support staff released into...

Anger over the airwaves

IRELAND’S public sector broadcasters have got themselves into a terrible state and there is anger over the airwaves. In Northern Ireland questions are being asked about the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Nolan Show and the eye-watering sums paid to its presenter...